Free Tax Services

Get your taxes done for free at the library

Beginning February 1sr until April 11th,  AARP Tax-Aide will be doing taxes for Carnegie Library of Homestead patrons for free every Tuesday and Thursday from Noon to 4 PM.

You must schedule an appointment beforehand. Please call the library to make an appointment and you MUST read the information below to ensure you bring everything required for your appointment. Your taxes will not be done if you do not bring everything required.

The online intake form can be filled out here:

Your 2024 Tax Appointment at the Carnegie Library of Homestead

  1. The AARP Tax Aide Program will complete and e-file your Federal, Pennsylvania, and Local Income Tax Returns. Completing your tax return will take 60-70 minutes.
  2. PA Rent/Property Tax Rebate: If you do not need to file a Federal 1040, we strongly recommend going to your State Senator or Representative’s office to have the Rebate Forms completed.
  3. AARP TaxAide reserves the right to refuse any taxpayer who does not meet our eligibility or conduct criteria. Eligible taxpayers include all taxpayers, regardless of income, as long as the tax code provisions of the return are within AARP TaxAide scope and the training of the preparer. Examples of taxpayers that are considered “out-of-scope” where we cannot prepare a return include:
      1. Business owners (Schedule C) with employees, or gross revenue greater than $25,000 or who have depreciable assets or have sales of business property.
      2. Taxpayers with rental income, except if less than 15 days per year.
      3. Taxpayers subject to the Alternative Minimum Tax
      4. Taxpayers who have depreciable property
      5. Taxpayers seeking to claim the Plug-In Electric Vehicle Credit
      6. Taxpayers with Qualified Adoption Expenses.
  4. Please arrive 5-15 minutes early to complete a required eight-page Interview Form.
  5. Everyone MUST bring last year’s tax returns. Very Important!
  6. Required documents in order to have return started:
    1. Photo ID (REQUIRED).
    2. Social Security Cards (REQUIRED) or comparable documentation for you, your spouse and all dependents.
    3. Income related documents: W2(s), Unemployment compensation statements, 1099-SSA, 1099-R, 1099-K, and other 1099 forms, and other relevant tax documents.
    4. Expense related documents: Checks and forms showing federal and state taxes paid, 1098 forms, documentation of medical, dental, charity, or business expenses, any vehicle and property taxes, and mortgage interest paid – IF YOU EXPECT TO ITEMIZE. Receipts for expenses need to be in reasonable order and legible.
    5. Brokerage statements or other documentation showing the cost basis (purchase price) and date purchased for all securities or property sold or transferred.
    6. Health insurance information: If you purchased Health Insurance in the Marketplace, you must bring Form 1095-A.
    7. If you are divorced, you must provide the date the divorce became final.
    8. If you receive a pension/annuity, please bring the date payments began.
    9. A check with your name printed on it for direct deposit/debit of any refund/balance due or a Bank Card showing your savings account and routing number.

Please see our list of open sites and schedules for 2024 at our website:

For more information about AARP Foundation Tax-Aide, including what type of service is available where, and which documents you need to file your taxes, visit or, or call 1-888-AARPNOW (1-888-227-7669).